The Secret Warned Against Vatican II and the New Mass
Quote: In short, I'm looking for someone to help me understand how or why the main events (consecration and conversion) are to happen opposite to the norm yet bear fruit. I mean that normally, the convert is converted before they receive a consecration.
  Good first part.  It is interesting how it will play out.  I would expect the coming war to involve a reformist Pope, who is then killed.  His successor  (Pope Fellay?) would then complete the consecration.  What this means is the consecration could be a ways off, and follows a reform of the Church, a return back to Tradition.

Of course, if you throw in that the complete "Secret" is revealed, and it blasts the N.O. and Vatican II, you can see that bringing about a reform quickly.

I disagree with your last part.  I think it is very appropriate to consecrate that poor schismatic and heretical nation to Mary for her Motherly care.  However, I agree that they have to have something to convert to.


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