The Secret Warned Against Vatican II and the New Mass
But they won't be soliders with bullet and arrows.  They'll just be a rabble of uneducated. largely unemployed immigrants.  I imagine even the Swiss guard could see them off.  They won't be trained, they won't be co-ordinated, they won't have supply lines or common communications, or generals or plans.

What was so remarkable about 911 was that a bunch of muppets with box cutters and a daring plan were able to do what they did.  But it hasn't happened since and had American even been semi-awake to the threat ("I wan't to learn to fly a plane but not land it") then it would have never happened in the first place.

Belloc, as an observation, if you put half of the effort into running a small business as you do into your passion for distributism, you'd make a healthy wedge of money every year.  Sure there are problems with every system but the reality is that I fly off around the world 10 times a year, go on at least 4 little holidays and my kids have never worn their shoes out.  I have fillet and sirloin steak a couple of times every month and I drive a personal express train with its own climate control system.  I even have a chair that massages my overweight under-excercised body.  In the western world we've never had it so good.

You don't have to be a wage slave.

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