Pope defrocks priest over 'visions' at Medjugorje
I have just received it in English from Father Gruner to read. It is published by Loreto and I believe Father Gruner has it for sale. Antonio Socci writes well, or his translator is superb. I thought back and forth about buying it in Italian, but my fourth grade Italian would have made it a real chore, like "all of Gaul is divided into three parts" is difficult. From everything I have read from Socci, Fr. Gruner, Fr. Kramer, and all of the "romanita", I believe this is coming to fruition. Like Fr. Kramer and Fr. Gruner, I am now convinced that HH Pope Bendict XVI sees the only way forward is to release the entire third secret, so he can then Consecrate Russia with those Bishops that will remain in the Church. Socci says he understands this will be his martyrdom as in the part of the vision that has been released and that's why he needs our every prayer and sacrifice.This is my synopsis having read only a third of his book, he could have more yet in the book.

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