Private Revelations of Marie-Julie Jahenny
(07-30-2009, 03:48 PM)SaintRafael Wrote: Unity Publishing was just one of many websites saying the same thing, which was that her messages has Church approval. I don't rely on one website, but on the whole, the other dozens of websites making the same claim.

I have found everyone saying she has Church approval, but found no one disputing this. There is no evidence and no one out there saying she does not have Church approval. There is no opposition.  If she didn't have Church approval, there would be Catholics on the internet making this case.

Where is there anyone denying or disputing that she does not have Church approval? I see all the websites stating the opposite as a fact that she is Church approved without conflict.

Oh, SaintRafael, didn't you read my post above, where I explicitly disputed her having Church approval?  And didn't Jovan just post an earlier internet discussion in which the legitimacy of the quotations is questioned?  We're right here, waving our hands at you  :hello!: and you actually have to ask, "Where is there anyone denying or disputing that she does not have Church approval?"  Plus, the burden of proof does not lie on us.  It lies on those who claim that she has approval.  "Everyone"  says that she does, but no one can seem to quote the date on which the bishop specifically approved of the revelations that are published in her name?  Then there's the point that your "everyone saying" is a very small number of people.  She is probably so little known that not many people have read about her except the type of rather, well, credulous sort who don't bother to investigate whether revelations that happen to suit their preconceptions actually are approved or not. 

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