Catholic Charities, Vincent de Paul Society Supporting Abortion-providing Health
You want perspective?  Here's perspective.  The Democrats control both houses of Congress.  Most Democrats don't just favor "abortion rights", they love abortion.  They think it is a moral good that fosters "gender equality."  These proaborts are in the pocket of pro abortion groups.  They are OWNED by pro abortion groups.  They want abortion -- unrestricted -- and they want YOU to pay for it.  It's been in every proposal that Democrats have tried to push out of committee and onto the respective floors of Congress.

Here's a story re the House bill, eg:

Obama wants it too.

Now -- not when the proaborts have their votes all lined up and have a head of steam of support for all the mushy feel good socialized single payer health care systems that pseudo Catholics like Catholic Charities support -- now is the time to expose this and make clear that NO bill gets support from the Catholic Church in America if it even has a whiff of taxpayer funding of abortions. 

There are a lot of non-abortion-related reasons to oppose these liberal bills, too, most related to giving control of the system to bureaucrats, jacking up the cost, increasing taxes on everyone, reducing the quality of healthcare, rationing, etc.   These don't even get to abortion.  You think you don't have enough say over private health insurers, wait until you see how responsive the bureaucrats are.  Picture an entity that combines the worst traits of the IRS and the Postal Service.

Catholics and the bishops -- please God, the bishops -- need to make clear NOW that we will work to torpedo any health care bill that works any of the above injustices AND funds or potentially funds abortion. 

I swear, a combination of Catholic Charity phony Catholics, naive love and flowers Catholics, politically liberal bishops will be the death of true Catholic Church teaching-based political influence in this country.

ps -- from yesterday -- the House bill approved by the committee STILL includes abortion....see  So Catholic Charities, St V Depaul and Co.  have something to aim at, if they are really serious about Catholic teaching on abortion.  They aren't.  They're caving. 

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