Soul and Spirit - Is there a difference?
If it helps at all, I'll always remember meeting an "Assembly of God" chick who took issue at my misuse of the word "soul" when, according to her and her teachers, I meant either "emotions" or "spirit" (I can't remember which) - and I just couldn't understand (to say the least) why anyone would want to split "soul" and "spirit". I was actually kind of stunned that anyone would think of splitting them. I didn't know much outside of my own experiences of God back then!

I guess I can put it into words now - that a human "soul" isn't really "alive" without the "spirit". In other words, what animates a human should be the Holy Spirit. That's the supernatural "norm" for the human soul. So for Catholics, there shouldn't be a need to distingush between "soul" and "spirit", if the soul is in grace.. Since the redemption, the human soul without grace is not a fully "human" soul, if you don't mind that pretty JP2-ish way of saying it. A human soul that isn't spiritual is like a circle that isn't round, and all those kinds of silly metaphors...

In other words, it's a red herring.

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