What is and should constitute Social Justice
James, I think it was my poor use of English that brings about some misunderstandings in explaining the complexity of the Social Teachings.

The Principle of Subsidiary encompasses what you have said but also includes (among other things) helping natural groupings to flourish without taking on their functions. An example is a Church group running a soup kitchen for the poor without having a governmental body stepping in. But if the situation is so drastic, as in during the Great Depression, it is a responsible government to feed the hungry.

The Common Good is in the sense that God places the well-being of others in our hands. So we have to think of societal good before our own, if that happens to do harm to others. For example, if the way I live ruins the hygiene or environment of my neighbors, then it is better I change my lifestyle for the common good. Another is if I am a billionaire, for my salvation, it is imperative I use the money to help the poor.

Quis, I agree that sanctifying grace brings about social justice on earth and the Kingdom of God in heaven. Without God, we can't do anything!

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