Actor Jack Black Prays to Satan on MTV
(10-22-2009, 07:04 PM)Bonifacius Wrote: I didn't say that this was good or acceptable behavior.  I'm just saying that it wasn't meant in earnest.  That makes it different -- not necessarily better or worse -- than an actual prayer to Satan.  He was playing on a stereotype. 

Since legitimate prayer would be done in earnest, it would make sense that Satanic prayers would be made in jest.  Humor seems to be one of these things that people think carries absolution with it.  That's why the culture constantly uses sitcoms and stand up comedians to introduce the next major degenerating vice.  They then move onto dramas like Law and Order where the degenerate is the victim of the closed-minded criminals that can't get with the times because of their "conservatism." 

I think God has a sense of humor though and when He judges people for jokes, He says, "Boy that was funny.  You're still going to Hell but don't worry about it.  It definitely WAS funny.  Why the surprised look?  Where did I say that being hilarious was the great commission?  Now don't dither about with the begging and pleading, you had your chance and you made sinful jokes instead.  Go on...get down there." 


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