Christopher West Thanks and Responds to his critics
A lot of disordered desires find expression in an overcomplication of a straightforward teaching of the Church.  TOB uses a pseudo intellectualism to obsess about sex. 

No different than someone trying to entice themselves about any other sin.  It just sounds downright silly when you  apply Theology of the Body doublespeak to another aspect of life that can be used virtuously or as a vice.  "Look at all that money!  Oh Boy, I wish I had that money, I sure would like it, think of all the wonderful things I would do for the Lord if I had that money.  It's a blessing from the Lord, that money is.  Lord thank you for that millionaire flashing his bucks in front of me,  that sure does stop me from wanting all of that money." 

How come a half an hour of Bishop Sheen or a 20 minute sermon of an SSPX priest (Fr. Robinson comes to mind) can teach you more about a healthy and proper attitude about the marital act than a booklet and weekly lectures for a month of TOB? 

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