Christopher West Thanks and Responds to his critics
(10-24-2009, 04:09 AM)The_Harlequin_King Wrote: I think sex should be as painful as possible.

We are fortunate that God 'believes' in the freedom instead of the dictature, so the humanity will survive for while.

What you apparently do not understand that the sexuality as intrinsically sinful thing come to our word , only with the absolutism, and interestingly both in the protestant (Puritanism) and the Catholic (St Alphonse's moraltheology) side. Before that the sex was natural part of the life, restricted only with harmful consequences, as the adultery or unnatural sexual encounters.

Meditate on the genealogy of Jesus by the Gospel of Matthew. Only four women is mentioned, and all four is sexually stained by the St Alphonsian sexual morality: Tamar using the fact that traveling men need sexual relief, Rachab the worker of the same need, Ruth seducing his boss, and the adulterous women, who became the mother of Salomon.

In the medieval eves the public nudity on the beaches was natural, the prostitutes were part of the community life, those born outside of the marriage had their rights, and all this with the implicit approval of the Church.

The sins against the castity are that of the lesser ones, those against the humility, for the greed, for the power are more harmful, and the emphasizing of the sexual sins is constructed to hide this more harmful sins.

Just meditete, when did you confessed your sins for the greed, for the pride, for the anger, for the sloth, and if you centered on those what was the reaction of a traditional priest? 

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