Here's what the liberals have to say about the anglican return (NCR)
(10-24-2009, 11:30 PM)Baskerville Wrote: If the libs hate it this much it cant be all that bad.

This, my friend, is very, very bad reasoning.  They would also object to many of the conservative Evangelical Protestants coming into the church, and yet so would I, except on the individual basis of personal conversion.  There are reasons to be happy about this news, but the anguish of the leftists should be nothing more than perhaps an added bonus.

Also... 2/3 of American Catholics support the ordination of women?  Who took that survey, and how did they decide who to call?  I cannot for the life of me imagine that to be true.  If half of them did, I would be shocked, and I live in a very, very liberal diocese.  It is in fact so liberal that my friend and I used to spend a night a week during our rebellious teenage years going around to the "Roman Catholic" Cathedral and other "Roman Catholic" churches and tearing down the "Pray for the Ordination of Women" signs with their tacky hand-praying clip art.  Even having seen that, I think the 2/3 statistic is utter rubbish.  My guess is it's closer to 1/3, and they should all go join the Anglicans.

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