Here's what the liberals have to say about the anglican return (NCR)
(10-24-2009, 11:46 PM)neanderthal catholic Wrote: Will these converts be considered still "Anglo-Catholics" or Roman Catholics?

It seems to me that if one is to convert from Anglicanism to Roman Catholicism, he should loose all his bonds to his former religion (no matter how "close" it might have been to Catholicism).

Here is a quote from  "The POs [personal ordinariates] will respect the spiritual life and liturgy of Anglicanism"

If you're Catholic, you're Catholic. That's it. Right?  Is it really a full conversion if you do not adopt the spiritual life and liturgy of the Catholic Church and hold on to the same from Anglicanism?

From a religion that was established under revolt of Papal authority? 

Am I paranoid or mis-understanding the situation?

Perhaps this would be true to Evangelicals and Fundamentalists who convert and never really shed their protestantism; they have their own brand of Catholicism: -- they don't seem to complely adopt to the Catholic ethos and still protest some Catholic doctrines and practices (e.g., Mark Shea's apoplectic criticism of the TLM, and dislike for traditional Catholics. Shea has gone even to the point of alluding to a fixation one may have for shoes (!) that a Catholic looks to the liturgy of the Mass).

Anglicans converting to Catholicism will be Catholics, but not "Roman" and will retain their own tradition, etc., already referred to as "Anglo-Catholics."  

Conversely, Protestants converting to Catholicism shouldn't be incorporated into the Roman Church and can be known as "Protestant-Catholics" if they insist in digging into the excess baggage of protestantism they drag along into the Church, and until they fully adopt to Tradition.   Most ave taken over the role of "apologists" with their own interpretation of doctrine, practices, etc., much to our chagrin and are making a living out of them

ADDED:   Explain this: 

Quote:In one of the most significant developments since the Reformation, the Pope last week announced that a new structure would be set up to allow disaffected Anglicans to enter full communion with Rome, while maintaining parts of their Protestant heritage.

So Protestant converts can retain their heretical beliefs (since all about protestantism is totally adverse to Catholic belief)?  Shea, Hahn, et al., have a legitimate reason to impose their thoughts on us Catholics?



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