Gay priest to open new church

Quote:Gay priest to open new church
Mark Jones

An ornate, disused chapel in the middle of an ancient graveyard in Swindon could get a new lease of life.

Father Mark Paris is from the Independent Benedictus Fellowship.

He wants to revamp the disused building situated in Radnor Street Cemetery which used to be used for funerals.

As a gay priest he also wants to set up a church for those who feel excluded from other places of worship because of their sexuality.

Father Mark's fellowship is in line with the Catholic faith, but is independent from Rome.

Father Mark said: "We don't follow the Pope, although we recognise him and he recognises us and our Catholic holy orders, we are not in communion with the Vatican."
[emphasis added]
"Our services can be conducted in Latin and can be traditional but often our hymns are more uplifting and evangelical."

it's not just going to be a gay church it's all inclusive, open to all
Fr Mark Paris
Father Mark Paris wants to open the Swindon chapel as a place of worship for those who feel disillusioned with traditional services and churches.

"We are reaching out to those people who have lost their way because of their sexuality and decided to leave the church. But it's not just going to be a gay church it's all inclusive, open to all, but I want to reach out to those who are gay especially."

"Being gay myself and a priest I know how hard it is to be in the church, so I want to reach out to these people and say come back to church. I want to give people the facilities to be able to follow Christ and feel comfortable about it."

Father Mark also feels his job is to take God to the people: "I will go out on to the streets, into nursing homes, everywhere."

If he is given permission to open up the chapel it will cost around £10,000 to refurbish:

"We won't have to do much inside, the pews and even the hymn books are there."

"But we will have to replace the windows and upgrade the outside where it has been vandalised a bit."

Swindon Borough Council says it needs to see a business plan from the church before a decision can be made," he said.

Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2009/11/02 10:10:58 GMT

" line with the Catholic faith..."  That just ticks me off.  It should clarify that Catholic teaching condemns homosexuality.  Of course, why should we expect an honest, full disclosure.  :realmad: :censored: :realmad:

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