Cleveland liquidating churches, holy items
(11-02-2009, 09:04 PM)glgas Wrote: The major reasons of the closing of Churches are that

- there are not enough priests

- there are no faithful in the area of the Church

In the diocese of Cleveland in 1970 there were 596 priests, and from that 240 were below 40 years old. Today there are 273 active priests and only 32 below 40 years old.

Also most of the parishes were inner city parishes for immigrant or second generation congregations, usually a small group of one etnicity. Their children and even themselves  moved to the suburbs and do not go back to their original Churches. The newcommers are either not Catholics, or lapsed Catholics, and the Baptists or Pentecostals give more attention and help to them that the Catholic Church. 

I think gglas is right. These beautiful old churches in the inner cities are going-going-gone because third generation Catholics have abandoned those areas and moved to suburbia. The old affluent folks who supported them out of devotion are now dying or dead. Those who occupy the cities now are black and Appalachian (not culturally Catholic) and are not being evangelized. It's that simple.

- Lisa

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