Thanksgiving Food Drives: Feed the Multitudes (Unless It's Illegal)
The INN where you are must be a lot less regulated than our neck of the woods. They won't take any home cooked meals. 

They do regulate a soup kitchen that is in our neighborhood. It's a couple of doors down from the garage where they keep the sanitation trucks. They are not permitted to have a stove there because it is considered a fire hazard. Consequently, all the cooking they do is on a hot plate. How crazy is that? Oh, and it is just steps away from the pier where I catch the fish that I can't give away.

I agree about the cigarettes. There was a homeless man parked in a strip mall where I was doing some business. I saw him asking for cigarettes while I was outside smoking. He didn't ask me for one. A man coming into the electronics store I was visiting handed him the one he had been smoking. Blech. Anyway, there was a CVS in the mall. When I was done, I went in there and asked if they knew the guy and what he smoked. Turns out he purchased a particular brand of loose tobacco. I bought some and tucked a $10 bill into the bag and gave it to him. He was ecstatic.

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