Don't doubt the power of the Rosary!!
(11-04-2009, 03:12 AM)Petertherock Wrote: I live in Maine where we had the homosexual marriage law battle. As I was at work following the results thanks to my mom sending me updates on my cell phone, it looked really bad for a while. The pro gay marriage side was winning by almost 4 percentage points. I was almost in despair about this. So, I was doing my building tours at work and I pulled out my Rosary beads and offered up 15 decades of the Rosary for the intention that homosexual marriage gets defeated and I recommended this intention to Our Lady. I left work and didn't listen to any news on my way to the Church that I make my visit at after work. I made my visit and said another 5 decades of the Rosary for the same intention.

I got home after my visit and my mom told me that homosexual marriage has been DEFEATED!!! I have no doubt that it was because of Our Lady and the Rosary that this happened tonight!! Deo Gratias!! I believe tonight's results was another example of the Rosary winning a battle for Our Lord!! What a powerful weapon Our Lady and Her Rosary are!!!

Praise be to God! I'm so happy for you. Wonderful things happen in our Lady's hands. Never doubt in her or the rosary.

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