Was surprised to find a Bishop saying mass today.
(11-11-2009, 05:58 PM)petrelton Wrote: One so-called modernist passage in the CCC does not make the whole CCC modernist.

It makes it unreliable.

petrelton Wrote:
(11-11-2009, 09:46 AM)Clare Wrote: One modernist passage in the CCC undermines the whole CCC.
Incredible. So are you saying that if your priest teaches something which you perceive to be modernist then his whole authority as a priest is undermined.

Well, I expect more from a Catechism than I do from a priest. I should be able to refer to the Catechism if the priest says something unorthodox and be sure to get the correct teaching.

Quote:Besides the catechism is absolutely packed with orthodox teaching. Not just one passage as you claim

I'm sure it does. But it is unreliable, and it only takes a few drops of poison to ruin a whole bottle.

(11-11-2009, 09:46 AM)Clare Wrote: The CCC has modernism in it. Para 840 (IIRC) for example.
This is not heresy, nor is it modernist except by your own judgemental interpretation. It is a statement of objective fact. Both Jews and Christians are anticipating the advent of a messiah. How can this be modernist if its the truth?

It is not objective fact. It is utter rubbish. Jews and Muslims reject the Trinity, and therefore do not worship the Trinity, and therefore do not worship the true God that Christians do. And to compare the Jews' waiting for the first coming with Christians' waiting for the second coming, like they are remotely similar, is an insult to our Lord. It's like saying He needn't have bothered the first time.

Quote:Even if you do not agree with paragraph 840, this is not grounds to reject the entire book.

Look at the index of citations. It is packed full of Vatican II references. When Vatican II is put in its proper place, as it will be one day, I am sure, then that renders any book which relies so heavily upon it as pretty useless.

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