Anatomy of an Epidemic: Psychiatric Drugs and the Astonishing Rise of Mental Ill
(11-22-2009, 03:18 PM)SoCalLocal Wrote: I believe it.

Plus, being "mentally ill" gives you a ready excuse to avoid taking responsibility for your actions. I know a few people who keep discovering new ailments. From alcoholic to depressed to manic-depressive to ADD and so on. Any excuse to avoid getting up every day and going to work,  and paying their rent out of their own pocket. It's much easier to leech off the system, and then complain about the runaround that Social Security is giving them and how they cut their disability payments, yadda yadda yadda. Instead of saying "I'm a flake" they get to blame the doctor for not getting their dosage correct or something. 

Another classic epidemic is the growing number of children with severe peanut allergies. I don't recall any kids in my classes when I was in school having this problem; everyone ate peanut M&Ms and Mr Goodbars! Did you know this allergy is unheard-of in poor areas? It's almost exclusively an upper-class phenomenom! I did know one girl who was allergic to strawberries, she couldn't eat the pink stripe in Neapolitan ice cream. But she just got a rash - I don't recall anyone fearing for her life if someone else in the room had strawberry jelly on their sandwich.

There's also the growing number of people allergic to secondhand smoke. They can smell it 50 feet away through a wall and a plate-glass window that doesn't open! 50 years ago, almost everyone's parents smoked; there were ashtrays in every living room ('cept maybe in Utah) and yet nobody claimed allergies. There were some who didn't like the smell - fair enough. There was always one sickly kid who had asthma, but that was about the least of his health concerns. Even with all the ailments, he ate peanuts.

It's just growing hypochondria. I predict it will get worse once they all get government-paid healthcare and can visit a quack who will humor them as often as they wish.         

I wonder why children with ADD can have perfect concentration for some things, like video games. Everything about psychoanalysis reeks of being fraudulent. If psychoanalysts help anyone, it's because they're human. I went to a psychoanalyst once and it cost me $100 an hour and I got nothing out of it except some fresh air. In the olden days people went to their priests for help. Nowadays people visit some clueless type who's memorized a bunch of jargon and charges them for displaying his "expertise." Pray to God if you have problems. Stay away from the drugs and the "experts."


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