Women religious not complying with Vatican Study (no surprise)
(11-29-2009, 02:36 PM)Walty Wrote: Hahaha...  They want "transparency."  The Church isn't a democracy, sisters. 

What a bunch of whiny brats.  The Church asked you to fill out a questionnaire.  Nothing but ignorant, medieval minded, chauvinists would ask for that.

The funny thing is that all their crap will be forgotten in a hundred years.  Goodnight ladies.

I don't think it will take a hundred years.  Probably 20 at most.  If you look at the pictures (and ages if you can find them) of these so called "sisters" most averages put them well over 60.  In twenty years most of the well known orders will have died out with a few "stragglers" hanging on (probably living on their own in apartments).  My high school (25 years ago) was run by the Sisters of Mercy.  They were the so-called "lapel pin" sisters, had a huge convent attached to the school and numbered around 50.  Last year the remaining "sisters" (two) were shipped off to a retirement home and the convent was sold to the school to be used as a research lab and broken up into classrooms.  We are in the middle of a "Great Die-Off" and these so-called "sisters" are participating in their own suicide.  My opinion is that in 20 years religious life will be purged from this evil and replaced by small but very active traditional Orders.  Active in both the world and contemplation.  That day can't come quick enough.

I liken this visitation by the Vatican as a doctor checking a patient on life support.  If the patient refuses to cooperate with the doctor there's nothing he can do but let nature take it's course.  I think the Vatican knows this and initiated this visitation as either a last resort or a gesture of simple charity (Last Rites perhaps?) as religious life in the west slowly dies off.  It's sad....very sad to watch these women scream and stomp off knowing their way of life is on death's doorstep and refusing to accept it.  It's not a pretty sight.  Very pitiful.

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