Fr. Z sees red and does black deeds against Bishop Williamson

I agree totally with your parsing of Fr. Z's parsing of Bp. Williamson's piece.  Two things he said really raised my eyebrows. 

One was the attempt to say Bp. Williamson is against the discussions happening in Rome.  That's proof enough, Fr. Z isn't sufficiently familiar with Williamson to comment on his opinions.  Williamson would say the discussions could easily fail to achieve a victory for Tradition.  Little else.  Obviously Fr. Z views Williamson as the possible headman of the rumored "wacko fringe" clerics in the ranks of the SSPX who will "stop at nothing to prevent re-union with Rome" (which is view of conservative Catholics composed of a mix of stereotyping and misrepresentation of everything the SSPX has stood for in the Church since it was founded)  Again, Fr. Z has apparently never heard Williamson's opinions about sedevacantism among many other things.

The other was that he actually said something about the quote commonly attributed to Augustine!  That's just petty.

I did notice, however, that he didn't have as much to comment on in Bp. Williamson's words than he does when he parses some liberal.  There's not really that much in Williamsons for a real Catholic to disagree with IMHAO.

I used to read Fr Z's blog religiously.  The reason?  Quite simple.  I thought he was right about the Church.  Then I read Open Letter to Confused Catholics and some other small books that Angelus Press puts out about the SSPX and the Church.  Then I started reading and

Fr. Z's opinions started looking absurdly simplistic.  The modern liturgical reform is not the primary cause of the present crisis.  It is far deeper than that.

The traditional Mass is probably Satan's greatest obstacle to dominating the hearts of men.  It had to be removed from history.  Can you believe how close he came to do doing it?!

Fr. Z probably wouldn't say it like that, but he would agree for the most part with it.

What he would NEVER do is "accuse the Council" or justify Archbishop Lefebvre's violations of Canon Law.

He's too conservative for that.

That's why I don't read him anymore.  There are serious chunks of reality missing from his perception.

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