More of the Same enviromental horsehooie
(12-16-2009, 07:06 PM)Scipio_a Wrote:

Pope makes calls for eviro awareness....In so doing he discovers new human rights...the Rights to health and development

Like all NO stuff it contains truth...such as people should not be considered after the environment but before... mixed in with the above stuff that makes no sense

It contains ambiguities:

Quote:Specifically, they call for a lifestyle marked by sobriety and solidarity, with new rules and forms of engagement, one which focuses confidently and courageously on strategies that actually work, while decisively rejecting those that have failed.

OK so which ones does this guy think have failed????   say it out loud   COMMUNISM and SOCIALISM and all forms there of....if it's not said the purveyors of the bad will read it such that what is the failure ...they always do...and point to some failed device in the US or Europe...that is actually socialized and claim it is a failure of the capitalist system...LOL...sick

It is so long and boring I'm not going to look to see if it contains anything outright uncatholic

:puke: :puke:

Very good link Scip...Thanks

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