More of the Same enviromental horsehooie
FYI the Communism with the universal employment, universal health care, free education for evryone cared better for the disadvantaged the the Western Democracies, especially the US. I heard first the world world 'looser' in negative sense when I came here to the US.

The communism persecuted about 3 percent of the population, including my family and me, but we were the enemies of the people to prevent us to be winner or ones who successfully resist the power. The losers and disadvantaged got preferential treatment.

The were no homeless people, there were no jobless people, everybody got adequate health care, and (at least after 1970) adequate education.  This changed only afetr the socialism was replaced by the Capitalism in 1989.

The socialism did not failed for internal reason. it was deliberatelly changed, because half of those who run the East block (the 'grocers') wanted to get rid of the other half of the leaders, the populist, and change the political power to monetary power.  They prepared it beginning of 1983, secured their own safety from the sins against the humanity, and in some country slowly in other with manifest action declared the change on that way that the power remained in their hand. .

The failure of the 'new capitalism' is evident that the median living standard in the East block countries after 20 years is lower than it was in 1983. People eat less, people have less freely spendable money, less savings, the healthcare is significantly worse, the social security for the elderly is significantly worse, postsecondary education is available only for those who could pay for it etc, etc

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Quote:Specifically, they call for a lifestyle marked by sobriety and solidarity, with new rules and forms of engagement, one which focuses confidently and courageously on strategies that actually work, while decisively rejecting those that have failed.

OK so which ones does this guy think have failed????   say it out loud   COMMUNISM and SOCIALISM and all forms there of....if it's not said the purveyors of the bad will read it such that what is the failure ...they always do...and point to some failed device in the US or Europe...that is actually socialized and claim it is a failure of the capitalist system...LOL...sick

It is so long and boring I'm not going to look to see if it contains anything outright uncatholic

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