Are things getting better or worse in the Church?
I am not sure either ! I am worried that there is more acceptance for traditional Catholic worship (or Conservative) but less interest in traditional Catholic doctrine. I see many priests less condemnatory of the Traditional Mass, but I wonder if it's true liberalism (=couldn't care less) creeping in. In England there are many traditional Masses, but not always an increase in numbers of laity attending.In my Parish we have the Traditional Mass on three Sundays in the month,but the numbers have not increased over the last three years. I have an awful feeling that many priests and even bishops are growing War Weary and are not bothered about what happens in Church. To give an example, recently we had a modern Jesuit offering Mass in our parish and the week before a Bishop. Both agreed to celebrate Eastward facing, (New Rite) without a whimper of a complaint and did it - by today's standards - carefully and reverently. But, I wonder what it all means. These two clerics may just as happily the next day commit all sorts of strange and weird liturgical goings-on ; maybe not. Are we becoming a Comprehensive Church, which since the Motu Proprio, accommodates even traditionalists - High Low and Middle churchmen ? (Bishop Fellay's Zoo Cage Catholicism is apposite)

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