Are things getting better or worse in the Church?
(12-26-2009, 11:35 PM)DrBombay Wrote: I'd like to know when in Church history all the priests have been saints who always said Mass reverently and never deviated from the rubrics, when all the bishops were completely docilely obedient to the Pope, when all the lay faithful knew their faith and always lived it perfectly in their daily lives?

The Church has been in crisis since Day 1.  To think otherwise is naivete....usually charming in a child, sometimes in a woman, never in a man. Some historical perspective would be refreshing.

Not every Pope in the history of the Church has described the Church as in the process of "auto-destruction" and lamented that the "smoke of Satan" had infiltrated the Church up to the highest levels of the heirarchy.   That was followed by the next pope declaring a state of "silent apostasy" and  that was followed by a third Pope that said just prior to his election that  the Church is "like a boat sinking" "full of filth" and "in liturgical ruins."  

No one is expecting perfection this side of Heaven.  But let's not try to pretend that this crisis is just another blip on the monitor.   The Arian crisis stands out, the Great Schism and the Reformation as well, and this one blows them out of the water because the hierarchy has barely done a thing over the last few decades to address it.  Paul VI and JPII acknowledged it (JPII grudgingly at the end) but they both did nothing of real papal substance to stop it or stem it.

There are times of comparative peace and times of war.  We are in a big, big war right now.    


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