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I have a book to,  it's By Fr. Robert J. Fox from EWTN -, who past away this year.  When I saw him in May,  he said (paraphrasing)  As Archbishop Flynn of St. Paul retired the end of April 2008 because of age, he requested little Mary to stop posting of the messages not because of heresy in the messages from Blessed Mother through the locutionist little Mary but wanted to allow the new Archbishop the freedom to discern too.

I to have found the messages quite teaching, very Orthodox, and I must say very loving.  They touch my heart, and give me strength and encouragement to keep my eyes toward heaven and keep moving forward, even after falling.  Heaven has such power in forgiving us, and we to must be forgiving, its real powerful, when meditating about forgiveness...there is a special freedom...... I suppose its a freedom from hate.

Here is one like - I hope it's ok I share this?

My daughter, All must ask themselves, is there love in your hearts? Is there love in your homes? This love of knowing Jesus must be spread across this world. In order for this to happen you must allow God's love to enter your hearts. You must love God more than your desires. You must let go of any hate or bitterness and be forgiving children. It is time now to truly live these messages so that God's love can truly shine through you. Please do not criticize or judge one another. Be merciful, humble, gentle and kind. Love unconditionally. Love all your brothers and sisters and forgive those who have hurt you. Begin today by asking God to help you be more loving. Turn to God each new day and receive His love. Love is the answer, so please obey, obey God and truly love, love those around you. Through your actions, God's love will multiply in you. God will use you in many special ways if you love, listen and obey. Now, please love one another as a family and support each other in a loving way. Love God above all else and accept His love that He has for each of you. Amen.


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