Did the early Christians pray to Mary?
Hello everyone.

I am having a discussion about the above-named subject with a friend.

A little background: my friend is an atheist former Protestant, some sect in South Africa I am not aware of.  We have a mutual friend whom was for a long time considering Christianity,  I had managed to get him to the brink of choosing between Catholicism and Eastern Orthodox (I was pushing him towards the Eastern Catholic Rites because I was aware of his distaste for the Latin West).  Anyway, sadly he found himself spiritually in a bad place and he considers himself Agnostic or I think he may have slid into Nihilism by now.  His reasons being something or another about evolution and death being apart of existance.  I may get into this in another thread.

So, we and my atheist friend were talking and I mentioned how I should have told our agnostic friend to pray to Mary as she would of course lead him to Christ.  The atheist says that if I had done that then our agnostic friend would not be a Christian as Christians do not pray to Mary.  I mentioned that Catholics, Eastern Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox and several other denominations all have a high regard for the Blessed Virgin and have prayers and devotions to her.  The atheist replies that this is true, however these denominations have strayed away from early Christianity and that the Apostles, early Christians etc., did not pray to Mary.

So here I am now asking for any evidence and sources as to whether or not the early Christians had prayers and devotions to the Blessed Virgin?

Christ's blessings, Mary's prayers,
Northern Papist

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