Saints: Who do you like and how do you relate?
Thank you everyone for participating in this thread. Now as I go along looking for more Saints to contemplate, I have some wonderful directions.  I didn't know much about the Carthusians, and need to get to know them, I think. Also, Bernadette: I remember a little of her story of course (what young Catholic girl does not hear of Ste. Bernadette?) but I need to re-aquaint myself with her.

How many more Saints are there? Probably lots. And in today's troubled times, there are more in the making.

I think we need to look to the martyred saints for examples for today, unfortunately.

Right now I am working on my prayer corner.  I got away from having statues during my wandering years, of course. I am getting a very nice Madonna first, to replace the painting I now use, but next will be a statue of Ste Therese and some miniature roses to grow around it. I think I will place the Ste Therese in a corner with my plants that I can see from my favorite chair.

Do any of you keep a statue of your favorite saint? Is it part of your prayer-corner or do you just have it somewhere to remind you of him or her? Do you light candles to your saints?

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