Do not let the truth be lost re: SSPX Rome developments in 2009
I've noticed in a lot of "recaps" of the events of the year, that the attempt to gloss over exactly what the real context of the Pope's lifting of the excommunications is being lost. 

The secular press will never acknowledge the existence of a Rosary Crusade or the fact that the Holy Father actually fulfilled the the two pre-conditions of the SSPX *before* they would be willing to sit down and talk about doctrinal issues.  They have been too concerned with mispresenting Bishop Williamson's statement and use that misrepresentation to chip away at the papacy. 

But Rome overtly and subltey  through its various "toadies" [Fr. Z, EWTN, Bishops who only have a veneer of orthodoxy]  have been from the beginning trying to recast the events as a complete overture of pure altruism on the part of the Holy Father.  Not a single word of the Rosary Crusade from anyone, especially the Pope.  With maybe the possible exception of this,  after he insults the SSPX , "Yet to tell the truth, I must add that I have also received a number of touching testimonials of gratitude which clearly showed an openness of heart." 

I would love to know what the number of "many unpleasant things--arrogance..etc"  that was heard compared to the millions of rosaries presented to him for years now in multiple Rosary crusades. 

Fr. Z was telling people, as if this is some great revelation that "hmmm.....the Pope is viewing this as a doctrinal issue."  For God's sake, it's about time!  No duh!  Hasn't that been what the SSPX has been saying since Paul VI and Archbishop LeFebvre had their big meeting in the mid 1970s?  I guess this is just and example of  the brilliant "insight" on the part of the Pope.  The Pope's no dummy, he's got plenty of books that express his ideas.  We don't need to "prop" him up by giving him phoney "insights" into the situation that a five year old would have the same insight about. 

If there is anything that makes me distrust Rome, it is the inability to be honest and complete in its presentation of facts.  There is a certain kind of immaturity at work when someone doesn't have the confidence to admit facts that they believe will undermine their temporal dignity.  Ironically, they don't even have anything to be proud of when it concerns their stewardship of the Church over the last few decades.  They should be humbly asking for prayers from the few faithful that are left and  they should be telling the whole truth.  To speculate on how it would sound :"When presented with 2 million rosaries from the faithful, I could not sit idly by when such a clear demonstration of faith and good will and the grace of God was made manifest.  It was through the faithful praying fervently that angels were sent to free St. Peter from prison.  We should look at this as a proof that the Holy Spirit is still active in His Church and the humble prayers of the faithful support Peter in his task. " 

There is a huge danger that history is going to be "revised"  (to use a word the secular press hates) to portray Rome as the gentle and charitable, rational, shepherds who out of nothing but paternal love reached out in response to a letter from four repentent bishops and took in some stray sheep who were too stupid to realize that there was no crisis in the Church and JPII was the great champion of the Latin Mass.  And Our Lady will have had nothing to do with it.   

The narrative starts with the request of the SSPX bishops and then goes to the Holy Father's act of pure charity (not justice) in removing the excommunications from these backwater people and he's going to prevent them from "drifting away."    There is no crisis in the Church, no acts of loyalty from the traditionalist faithful,  never was a need for the SSPX really, but the Holy Father made lemonade out of the lemons.  They were just a bunch of flakes that collected together and mislead a bunch of people that were disappointed in some "extravagances" in the implementation of the all wondeful Vatican II council. 

If that happens, a renaissance for the Church would be only the appearance of a renaissance and God will allow this crisis to drag out even longer and be even more painful.   

I can't express how disappointed I am that the Holy Father could go to the trouble to write this "explanation" to the whole world and never mention the power of prayer and Our Lady's role in his decision.  Even this sentence is problematic:  "The day I spoke about this at the Major Seminary, the feast of Our Lady of Trust was being celebrated in Rome. And so it is: Mary teaches us trust. She leads us to her Son, in whom all of us can put our trust. He will be our guide – even in turbulent times."

I find that statement strangley off-putting the more I read it, I thought she was our guide and that He is our end. When we are with Him we need no guide because He is there. 


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