The Eastern Rite NO mass...the RDL...
Of course I'm angery
anger is not a sin in and of itself
and you say 50 years is nothing?
That is enough time for entire familys and individuals to become accustomed and memorize and take to heart the lliturgy.
And since when should vat2 impress anyone.
Of course we should now the heritage of our rites. But the sensitivitys of the laity should be taken into account.
To simply uproot the liturgy as practiced for 50 years with a liberalized less Marian, over complicated ad hoc liturgy is a violation against prudence, and as Christ says by the fruits ye shall judge
well the fruit of the RDL has been divison and deminishment (which is fine by the schismatics)
and btw I would say the same about the NO mass, It would be just as wrong to turn all them into the TLM overnight without warning or preperation of the laity. But at least in the case of the TLM you would be replacing novelty with Tradition
in the case of the "older" DL (which granted was itself. Novelty had become ingrained )/to rip it out for a more liberalized novelty for no good reason then as a sop to the schismatics is just wrong.
Ps I have thick skin there is no need to bite your lip

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