The Eastern Rite NO mass...the RDL...
I recently attended a Ruthenian Rite Divine Liturgy. I was concerned over many things of the liturgy, but also of a lack of external reverence for the Blessed Sacrament. Slight talking before Mass, piped in music playing over the speakers before Mass (not really perhaps the worst  thing in the world but to me at least distracting), most people not kneeling or even a bow to the tabernacle/altar when people would go into the pews, etc. I didn't stay long after Mass, but there was a family there and they kneeled and the like for the consecration and the like. The mother had one of those red pew Missals for the 1962 Missal and a lace chapel veil, so perhaps they were Latin Catholics in exile, God knows. Better than the Novus Ordo and the church was artistically nice, but I can see why people like the Society of St. Josephat exist.

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