The Eastern Rite NO mass...the RDL...
(01-05-2010, 03:59 PM)voxpopulisuxx Wrote: And I respect that spasi, but Im just a peasant, a simple working stiff, the sophisticated distinctions of the Hymn to the Theotokos I have no problem with either, but in the Antiphon through the prayers of the Mother of God, Mother of God is much preferable to this uneducated layperson. And again I ask you what was the reasons for these changes? Who was complaining?
Also Dont you think they couldve implemented these changes completely different?

I do think it's strange to transliterate "Theotokos" instead of translating the word into English.  After all, the word was translated into Slavonic ("Bohoridica"), so why isn't it something like "Birthgiver of God" in English?  I think the Council of Ephesus coined the word "Theotokos"  to emphasize that Our Lady physically carried God in her womb and gave birth to him, as opposed  to carrying a mere human being who somehow was not fully both God and Man.  I'll admit that I like "Mother of God" better, but maybe Theotokos (or Dei Genitrix) conveys the sheer physicality of it in a more emphatic way.  In any event, I don't think I'm well educated enough to have an opinion.

I agree with you that some of the changes to both the text and the chant seem unnecessary and even quirky.  I particularly don't like the replacement of "for He is gracious and loves man[kind]" with "for He is gracious and loves us all".  And I especially don't like "for us and for our salvation" instead of "for us men and for our salvation".  When serving as cantor (or, for that matter, when just in the pew), I always sing "for us men", and nobody who heard it has ever complained--not even the Bishop.  I'll bet that mistake gets corrected, especially in light of the new ICEL translation for the Latins.  To be fair, I have seen "men" omitted in some Ukrainian Catholic and Greek Orthodox pew books, also.  

On another subject, I hope to hear you cantor a Divine Liturgy some day.

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