Our Bronze Serpents must be destroyed.
(01-10-2010, 04:25 PM)Herr_Mannelig Wrote:
(01-10-2010, 04:24 PM)LaramieHirsch Wrote: Are we Catholics not trapped in the same cycle of Christmas ritual that our secular cohorts are trapped in?  The shopping?  The fake sentimentality?  The cheery music that doesn't mean anything anymore?

Hasn't the worship of Christmas consumerism swept over us Catholics, too? 

Has it?

Until Christmas I'm in the penitential spirit of Advent.  Part of my penance is putting up with the false materialistic and Protestant concept of "Christmas" before the feast occurs.  Vox has her Christmas shopping done by the end of October (I'm not nearly so organized), but if you do that stuff before Advent, you can ignore the rush and concentrate on Advent.


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