Our Bronze Serpents must be destroyed.
(01-10-2010, 11:04 PM)Underdog Wrote: I think Christmas music gets a bad rap.  Most places, except those with nearly perpetual sunshiny warm weather, get cold and gray during the late fall and winter seasons.  People stay indoors more, get less exercise, sleep more...serotonin levels fall, and people begin to feel blah and/or depressed.  Christmas music is usually joyful.  It gets one's mind off of all the gloom and sadness, uplifts one's spirit, puts a smile on one's face and a skip in one's step.  It brings to mind family and friends, hot cocoa, pie, snowball fights, reindeer, sleighs, horses, fires on the hearth, mittens, gifts, love, joy, and Jesus.  What's wrong with that?  My peeve isn't that everyone starts playing it so far in advance, but that everyone quits playing it so soon after Christmas.  I miss those happy tunes. 

I love you, Underdog. I feel exactly the same way. I keep on playing my Christmas tunes till Candlemas. So there!

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