mpls/stpaul: AOTM Club 1/12 Ferrara on Vatican II and the Spirit of Woodstock
One of the problems today especially is that we can't trust the duly elected or appointed or ordained people to tell us the truth from the pulpit or stage either. 

I have a fear that this crisis is going to get glossed over.  As we can see and I started a thread on this, the narrative is constantly being spun about this crisis in the Church and the place of tradition.  I've felt this ever since the first Rosary crusade went unacknowledged by Rome.  JPII will be canonized and modernism will move forward in a more conservative form.  I think in the sense that Ferrara wants to call the Church leaders to task for what they have done to the Church is a good thing even with the risk of him becoming a personality. 

I can definitely see the danger of the cult of personality.  Strangely one of the best pieces of advice I ever heard was from Gerry Matatics when he said, "Don't believe anything I tell you because I said it.  Go do the research yourself."  That actually is one of the factors that prevented me from going sedevacantist even though Gerry has gone that route, hopefully just temporarily.

Cult of personality is dangerous no matter who is the subject.  Too many clerics have imbibed in it and caused incredible damage.  JPII, Benedict has had the Cardinal Ratzinger fan club,  Fr. Benedict Groeschel does widespread damage with his shows, talks and books. 

But on the other hand, others have turned out beneficial to listen to,  in general Fr. Corapi, Bishop Sheen,  Bishop Williamson and numerous SSPX priests, Chesterton and others have been incredibly helpful.  I would say, they generally have "fans" but not "fanatics" in the cult of personality sense.


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