Traditional Catholics in SAN FRAN BAY AREA
(03-08-2010, 12:26 AM)Bonifatius Wrote: SLCFranciscan:  ND des Victoires is a beautiful parish, although I think they advertise some type of modern music Mass on Sundays.. I have gone there for an horu of adoration/Benediction which they do on Sundays, though.
Which is the parish that had the gay sign, out of curiosity?

Yes, I have heard the NDV has changed a bit (not for the better) since there is a new pastor.  I just cannot imagine modern music on Sundays.  You can bet that Pere Siffert would not like that.  I can tell you that would not play with the French crowd, so it is probably happening at the English masses.  The sign on the altar was at St. Boniface, down in the Tenderloin on Golden Gate Avenue.  Sadly and ironically enough, the guy who insisted on carrying it everywhere died.  I often think of him, how he crusaded for all the wrong things, and what happened to his poor soul......

We had an SSPX mission here in SLC for many years, but, alas, it closed in September 2008.  We do have a very holy Polish priest in the diocese who says the TLM for us, Deo Gratias.

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