Traditional Catholics in SAN FRAN BAY AREA
(03-10-2010, 01:29 PM)Bonifatius Wrote: JB - is it true Fr Young says the Traditional Mass daily in the church ? I was told by one of the priests there that he says it privately in his room every morning.
I have wanted to get in touch with him, but am not sure exactly how to, seeing as he is just living there and is just "in residence". I guess I could always just make a phone call - but as you know, it is not the most .. shall we say, "orthodox" of parishes, and I wonder if I would be questioned why I want to be put through to him.

It is funny that you mentioned it though, since I myself have been wondering if there was some way for me to attend his daily Masses.

Why don't you send him a greeting card, via snail-mail?

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