ABC News blames Benedict XVI for abuse
There was nothing uncommon about referring pedos to counselors back when that happened and it still goes on, in secular settings today.

Realistically, what does a Bishop know about accusations? He is relying on some combination of hearsay and how far his own investigation goes might or might not provide hard evidence. So he is placed in the postion of a judge. Judges let pedos go all the time.

And in fact, in the uSA (I don't know about Germany) if you refer a pedo to a counselor, the counselor is required to report activity of that sort and so it is a roundabout way of getting the authorities in on it.

I am no softee on pedos, but I am tired of the hypocrisy of the media because there is so much going on outside the church you can't even call those hypocrites "whited sepulchres" because a sepulchre at least keeps walls around the dung. 


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