ABC News blames Benedict XVI for abuse
(03-19-2010, 08:17 AM)damooster Wrote: Since when? Pedophiles receive some of the harshest punishments available. They have to let the public know they are a sex offender. They have to stay a certain amount of distance away from children. They can't live near schools. Murderers and robbers do time in jail and that's it. Sex offenders have to periodically check in with their probation officers even 50 years after the incident; they are marked for life.
Quote:And in fact, in the uSA (I don't know about Germany) if you refer a pedo to a counselor, the counselor is required to report activity of that sort and so it is a roundabout way of getting the authorities in on it.

And then that pedophile is put through the system where he becomes a registered sex offender.
Quote:I am no softee on pedos, but I am tired of the hypocrisy of the media because there is so much going on outside the church you can't even call those hypocrites "whited sepulchres" because a sepulchre at least keeps walls around the dung.

Pedos are walking every day. Vermont, Massachusetts, and many other places Bill O'Reilly has gone after judges that allowed pedo's to walk and in many places pedo's with multiple victims have been allowed to walk and in many cases they have reoffended after these judges have let them go.


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