A little monologue about the commandment "do not covet"
(03-21-2010, 11:27 AM)timoose Wrote: ..... I witnessed with my eyes mind numbing, bone crushing, poverty. I remember that place when ever I hear folks talk about how hard it is for them.. I shared that room with many of God's lesser known creatures that night.

I know wht you mean. Every day I say a prayer of thanks combined with a prayer for forgiveness for having so much. Although "on paper" I am among America's poorest because I live on so little and own next to nothing, my life is very rich. I sit here conversing with people from around the world, I am listening to very fine music all the time, I cook the best food for my meals, I have roses and orchids and beautiful birds: my life is exactly the illustration of what Jesus said about the lilies of the field. and I include the little bit of the birds playing on the plum-blossoms in the end of the video for exactly that reason. There is inordinate wealth in the beauty of those two little birds and a sunny peaceful time, and it costs next to nothing.  How can anyone complain when you compare this to life in  so many places? that is why my gratitude is mixed with guilt.

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