Iraq: child killed in attack on Christian home
P-g. That's incoreect
Christians in iraq are not being killed only due to the amarican invasion. That's incorrect. Even under saddam contrary to what u may believe they were at risk as a religion and culture. Now u may say they weren't being bombed or beheaded. True but that fails to take into account why. The reason why was because of saddams oppressive regime. As soon as the mohamadans got the oppurtunity they did it. Even under saddam christian culture ie asyarians were under assault by said regime. Hence the formation of groups such as the assyarian democratic movement. And other armed groups. For self preservation and assistance.
U and others may only view this as amarican imperalism and the mohamadan as the eternal victem but that's a hair brained view. Christians in the ME from iraq to lebanon have had eaither to fight and survive ie in lebanon with such groups as the Kateab and tanzim or the guardian of the cedars during the lebanese cival war or get slaughtered in iraq.where they never had the capabilty nor numbers to defend themselves.  Clearly this is a bigger plm then amarican intervention. Sacred history tells us so.
To lay the blame for this wee boy getting killed on the amaricans is grossly unjust. And instead only suits the mohamadans and or liberals in their attacks on christiandom.
In short
Open your eyes. Your a smart man. U should know this

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