Iraq: child killed in attack on Christian home
Saddam even paid for at least one Christian building in the U.S., a Chaldean community center in the Detroit area. Really, it's not about Islam but secular Pan-Arabism, an ideology formulated in large measure by Middle Eastern Christians, and which afforded traditionally marginalized religious minorities considerable protection. Look at the Ba'athist regime in Syria; the ruling Assad family are Alawites, a heterodox Muslim group. They call themselves Muslims, but in many ways they are closer to Christians. They reject the Koran, or at least anything resembling an Islamic interpretation of it, and incise the sign of the cross on ritual bread. They even celebrate the Feast of the Virgin.

Under Saddam, Chaldeans who identified as Arabs and Iraqis first were quite privileged and did well. Syriac/Assyrian nationalists who rejected the paradigm of secular Arab identity didn't, though.

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