Does This Article on the Scandal Make Any Sense?
The only role I see of apostolic succession in all this is that a priest is a priest forever, and as such the bishops thought they had some kind of obligation to the priests to help them get over their problems so that they can be reinserted into ministry, especially during these times of low vocations.

If bishops had many vocations, I imagine that they would have defrocked priests very quickly and easily... the real issue here of course is that the bishops were lax in investigating and administering punishments and defrocking because the responsibility was theirs up until Cardinal Ratzinger transfered it to the CDF in the early 2000s.

And of course the lax bishops were a result of poor popes from Paul VI to JP2. So yes, the Popes are responsible for this mess, but it is larger than sexual abuse, it is infact the modernist take over and lack of faith and good morals being taught from on high.

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