Hello from a recent TLM convert
(04-01-2010, 02:10 AM)MotherKatharine Wrote: I tell you this because for me, the fact that these parishes weren't so far off from what I came from as a protestant made the transition to Catholicism a lot easier for me (I had a really hard time in my conversion with things like worrying that it was the devil leading me to convert due to a lifetime of anti-catholic brainwashing).  And so, in these liturgies, as heretical as they can be, I see God working for the good of those who love them.  It was the heresy in these parishes that led my to seek out the TLM.  In the parish where I went through RCIA the priest told me my sins weren't sins and I believe he broke the seal of confession.  I converted to be Catholic and all I've been fed is dissent.

I have a similar experience.  In my case, I was born into a Jewish family and became an Evangelical Christian in my teens.  When I began investigating in the Catholic Church in my early 20's, the protestantized changes made the Mass easier for me to understand.  It was close enough to the worship that I was used to that it made sense to me.  I too started out in a very liberal parish where I was taught things that I later learned were wrong.

My situation is also like yours in that my husband does not share my attraction to and view of the traditional Mass.  He prefers the Novus Ordo.  In our case, the local NO parish has a holy priest so abuses and heresies are at a minimum.  We sometimes go to the TLM and sometimes to our local NO.  Perhaps you could find a more reverent NO than that of your current church at a reasonable distance that would not be a constant offense to your beliefs and sensibilities.  This would allow opportunities for worship as a family.  Of course, you will want to attend the TLM as well, since I suspect that you are not likely to be satisfied with anything else now.

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