Petition Carlos Slim
Who is Carlos Slim and why mention a petition to him on Fisheaters?

Carlos Slim is a Mexican engineer, businessman and philanthropist largely focused on the telecommunications industry. He is currently the wealthiest person in the world with a net worth of around US$53.5 billion through his holdings.

On September 10, 2008, Slim announced that he had purchased a 6.4% common-stock stake in The New York Times Company, making him the largest shareholder not related to the company's owners, the Sulzberger family.

Add to this a caption on the ABC news website below a photo of Fr. Maciel of Legionnairies of Christ:

"In this still from Jason Berry's 2008 documentary "Vows of Silence," Father Maciel strokes the lapel of Mexican media magnate Carlos Slim, the world's wealthiest man and a financial supporter of the Legion. (Vows of Silence)"

It seems clear that Mr. Slim is Catholic and/or might have some attachment to the faith and therefore could be availed upon to intervene on behalf of justice and the Holy Father.

I think that someone who has access should petition Mr Slim to intervene with the New York Times to stop their spiteful persecution of the Holy Father and the Church over these scandals. Or request them to do a more balanced job reporting the phenomena, rather than use it to grind the progressivist agenda against the Faith.

Anyone on Fisheaters have any connections? Its worth a try.

I hope someone in the Vatican is making phone calls to Mexico to call-in some favours. This persecution of the Church through 'gossip' is really getting depressing and sickening.

It seems that gays are 'out and proud' while Catholics from now on will be shoved into their empty closet.


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