300 abuse complaints unpunished by Belgian bishops
(04-13-2010, 03:29 PM)Eurotrad Wrote: First of all, could something please be done about this Fartmeister troll. Meister, I don't know, but a most annoying little fart he is for sure.

Second: I am from Belgium and this is the first thing I hear about this. The Belgian post-conciliar Church is certainly not a thing that would fill you with joy, but I doubt greatly that there would be such large scale scandals.

Third: this Fr Devillé character can hardly be called a reliable source. He's your typical loose canon, pathological liberal. A few years ago he wrote a booklet about how after the fall of communism the Papacy was the last remaining dictatorship. He eventually got more or less kicked out by the very modernist and liberal Archbishop Danneels. Believe me, to achieve that, you'd either have to be a trad or a flaming fool beyond repair.

Apparently, he's gone.

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