Handbook for Catholic Soldiers/Knights/Nobliity
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(04-15-2010, 07:26 PM)St.Ambrose Wrote: Hi,I renewed my interest in the medival,Not that it ever truly was gone LOL
Medieval, I think you mean. Your interest isn't very deep it seems ;)

English is not his native language.

In that case, no one should inform him of mistakes and just smile and say "He's from Barcelona".

Well,It was in response to a attack on my Interest,mocking it.For the Most part I read it in German.BTW dont call me a spainard,I'm German,Portugese,English,Welsh.I may be a mutt but I'm no Spainard. Barcelona,Sheesh Ich bin Berliner

I was kidding around. It is an easy word to misspell.

I didn't call you a Spaniard. It was a reference to a TV show where a character's oddities were explained with "He's from Barcelona", regardless of that fact mattered to the specific incident. Interestingly, the actor who played that character was German I think.

For the topic, would you be interested in particularly interesting knightly acts worthy of emulation? There were some things which may interest you about the characters of specific knights, but they should be taken with the understanding it was the honour and faith of the individual knight, not something all knights had.

A handbook about "Virtues of Catholic Knights" would be very interesting, as many knights in the Church did heroic things, but it has to be qualified that it was because they were faithful, not just because they were knights.

Well,if it was meant as a jest,you may be pardoned,but if you make a fool of me again,to the dungeons with thee! (joking of course)

What series was that?

No,I am refering to the crusader Archtype spirit,that not of a Knight but as a CATHOLIC knight,I make it very clear,if a knight is not catholic a knight is not all he can be lol

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