Question regarding validity of Protestant Baptism...
I'm hoping to get some sound guidance...I have been a practicing Catholic since 2001.  I was married in the Church in August of that year and confirmed in October.  When I first became a practicing Catholic, I was totally ignorant of my faith and it is only in recent years that I have become very serious about it.

My problem: I was baptised as a Presbyterian in 1978.  I never thought to question the validity of my baptism, and no one ever suggested to me that I should.  Recently though, through a very powerful homily that I was fortunate enough to listen to and some research, I came to question how I was baptised.  Through my inquiries I discovered that I was baptised by sprinkling.

So, my (multiple) quandaries: While technically, provided the water touched my scalp and moved on my head, I am told that my baptism would be valid, there is no way to guarantee that either one of those conditions were met.  I live in Southern Texas and when I told a priest that I would like to be conditionally baptised, he basically told me I had nothing to worry about in part because of Ecclesia supplet.

Needless to say, I do not feel at rest with this situation.  I would welcome your opinions on the following points:

- Am I validly baptised?
- If not, am I validly married or confirmed?
- What can I do to rectify these issues?  Particularly if I can't find a priest who will take me seriously?

Thank you for you thoughts and please pray that God will have mercy on my soul until I can get this situation resolved and that He will lead me to people who can help me.

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