Question regarding validity of Protestant Baptism...
OP here... :)  An update: 

The person who performed my baptism is deceased.  I have to go off of my parents' account of what transpired, and since it has been over 30 years, I'm not sure how accurate their account is.  I am trying to see if my mother can locate some photos of the event.

Here is the reply I was given by the current pastor of the Presbyterian church where I was baptised, with regards to how they currently perform baptisms:

"The Presbyterian practice has been farily standard from before you were baptized until now, so I am confident that what I explain below is what [the pastor who performed your baptism and the church where it was performed] did and said during your baptism.

We baptize with water (usually sprinkling, but immersion and pouring are also considered vaild). The words that are said by the clergy are:  "I baptize you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit."  Some clergy will add:  "You are now sealed by the Spirit and marked as Christ's own forever."  The baptism is preceeded by a presentation of the candidate and vows made by the candidate (or the candidate's parents in the case of small children), an affirmation of the Apostles' Creed, and a prayer of Thanksgiving Over the Water.  It is followed by a welcome to the church and a blessing upon the family.

I'm not sure what you mean by "regenerative."  Our theology regarding baptism is that through baptism we share in the death and resurrection of Christ and are incorporated into Christ's body the Church.  Baptism is a sign and symbol of a true grace:God cleanses us from sin and gives us new life.  In baptism we are given the Holy Spirit, who guides, directs, convicts, and assures us, and binds us to each other and to Christ's ministry of love, peace, and justice."

My problem is, since I was definitely sprinkled, there is no way to be certain that water touched my scalp or flowed over my head.  Are the chances good that they did - yes.  100% - no.  Since the pastor that performed the baptism is no longer living, I cannot ask him directly how much water he usually used or the likelihood that it was not only applied to my hair.

My quandary continues as I went to the Chancery today and discovered that it is headed up by the priest I spoke to previously who told me I was covered by Ecclesia supplet. 

So far I've got  one Canon Law lawyer and four Catholic priests (one FSSP and one very conservative) who say that I am probably okay.  But the operative word in that sentence is "probably".  When an eternity in Hell is in question, "probably" is not comforting to me.  I'm going to drive an hour to the only local parish that offers a Latin Mass on Sunday to see what that priest has to say. 

So my question for all of you fisheaters out there: If that priest tells me he will not perform a conditional baptism, what is my next step?  I am under the impression that it is illicit to have a layperson baptise you except in emergency circumstances - does the innability to find a Catholic priest who will conditionally baptise me count as an emergency?  And even if that is okay, what of my marriage and confirmation?  If you were in my shoes, would you feel comfortable relying on the Grace of God to know that your intent was to be baptised? 

By the way, all jokes aside, if there are any priests who are reading this and willing to help me out, I live in Southern Texas and can make myself available whenever you would be willing to assist me.

Thanks to everyone for your thoughtful replies.  Please include me - and people like me - in your prayers tonight.  All I want is a resolution that will bring me peace and salvation - please ask the Lord to deliver it to me.   

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