Question regarding validity of Protestant Baptism...
(04-20-2010, 05:47 PM)kmd_long Wrote: My problem is, since I was definitely sprinkled, there is no way to be certain that water touched my scalp or flowed over my head.  Are the chances good that they did - yes.  100% - no.  Since the pastor that performed the baptism is no longer living, I cannot ask him directly how much water he usually used or the likelihood that it was not only applied to my hair.

Water usually contacts the scalp in a baptism by sprinkling.  This is why all the experts you have consulted think there is no serious doubt about the validity of your baptism.

(04-20-2010, 05:47 PM)kmd_long Wrote: So far I've got  one Canon Law lawyer and four Catholic priests (one FSSP and one very conservative) who say that I am probably okay.  But the operative word in that sentence is "probably".  When an eternity in Hell is in question, "probably" is not comforting to me.  I'm going to drive an hour to the only local parish that offers a Latin Mass on Sunday to see what that priest has to say. 

Eternity in Hell is not in question.  A person who wishes to be baptised but is not, through no fault of his own, is said to have the baptism of desire.  In the unlikely event that your baptism was not valid, you have fulfilled the conditions for baptism by desire by wanting to be baptised. 

(04-20-2010, 05:47 PM)kmd_long Wrote: So my question for all of you fisheaters out there: If that priest tells me he will not perform a conditional baptism, what is my next step?  I am under the impression that it is illicit to have a layperson baptise you except in emergency circumstances - does the innability to find a Catholic priest who will conditionally baptise me count as an emergency?  And even if that is okay, what of my marriage and confirmation?  If you were in my shoes, would you feel comfortable relying on the Grace of God to know that your intent was to be baptised? 

I would be comfortable relying on the Grace of God, especially since there is very clear teaching about this, going back for centuries.  The Grace of baptism is conferred through baptism by desire.


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