Deal Hudson. Is this as good as it gets?
I thought Deal had a nearly Gnostic or typically Southern Baptist preacherman disregard and literary contempt for the virtue of chastity.

I agree with the above poster there that Deal's enemies in the USCCB have every reason to dredge this incident up and use it to bludgeon the man's resolve into silence.

Deal's been exposing all kinds of these monsters.  I support him in this, not in what he did some 20 years ago at Fordham University.

It's also interesting that  that article in the NCR doesn't exhonerate Carr at all, and in fact cites an article at Nathional Catholic Register which basically supports the claims against Carr, while making  unrelated claims about Deal's character.

The editors at NCR are scum.  If I ran the American Church, they'd all be "held responsible for what they say" and be running another confessional denomination into the ground by respresenting them, like the Unitarians or the Church of Satan or something, because I'd make sure they and everyone who works for them weren't Catholic [solemnly excommunicated] and that everyone knew about it.  They'd also have to take the word "Catholic" out of their title.  They could call themselves something like the "Irrelevant National Liberal Oldsters' Reporter or something like that.

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